Print & Ponder Bible Scrapbooking

Becky has been busy learning how to utilize Adobe Creative Cloud and as a result, we have added fun and exciting new instant downloadable pintables to our website.

The idea behind these is that you can use these to assist you in your scripture study and place them…

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Camping Shelf Sitter Assembly Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how this months Camping Shelf Sitter Display is set up. Please click on the link below and it will take you to the YouTube video. 

Contact us to order your Shelf Sitter Display today!

Camping Shelf Sitter Tutorial 

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Oh gnome you didn't! Yes we did!

Introducing Do It Yourself Extra Tall Porch Gnomes. We cut them out. You make them cute!

How It Works:
Choose your base:
- Boy Option $55
- Girl Option $55
- Both $100
*The base comes with the standard outfit pictured. You can add additional outfits, perfect to change…

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Farmhouse Trucks Do It Yourself Kits

Hot off the laser - new adorable Farmhouse Interchangeable Truck. The base is 12" tall and is $30. We currently have five inserts, which are $24 and can be changed out for the seasons. More inserts are being designed and will be available soon! Contact us for more…

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The Art of Laser Cutting: How It Works and What You Can Create
Posted on March 22, 2024

In the world of crafting and design, laser cutting stands out as a revolutionary technology that has transformed the landscape of creative possibilities. Its impact is profound, offering a level of precision and versatility that traditio…

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