DIY Proud Military Farmhouse Truck Interchangeable

DIY Proud Military Farmhouse Truck Interchangeable

Proud Military Family Insert for our 12" Interchangeable Truck

This is for the insert ONLY, the truck base is sold separately.

The inserts slip in and out of the truck bed easily. Add a couple Velcro dots for the bed and license plate! Our truck base comes with the Velcro needed for each insert.

This is a DIY paint and decorate your own kit. Only the wood items will be sent to you. This set is for the insert only.

Bases and other insert sets can be found on our website:

More photos and ideas can be foun d on our Facebook page.

All of our Farmhouse truck DIY sets come with :
🌵Wood pieces shown
🌵Basic instruction sheet

$15.00 insert for our 12" truck

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